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Paul is teaching on Emor a parsha (Book of Vayikra - Leviticus)

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Walking through the book of Ruth on Shavuot with our study group.
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Dear Saints
This sermon was about Jesus the Passover Lamb (Key Chapter Leviticus 23)

May this be a blessing

Psalm 118

A Festive Psalm for the

Dedication of the 2nd Temple





Historical Background:

Dedication of Altar and the dedication of the Second Temple in Ezra 3


Psalm 118

Psalm 118:1-4            Praise for the LORD for His Mercy

Psalm 118:5-21          The Lord our Saviour

Psalm 118:5-9             The LORD is a better Saviour

Psalm 118:10-13         Confidence in the Lord

Psalm 118:10-14         The LORD is a Saviour against the nations

Psalm 118:15-18         The LORD is a Saviour against death

Psalm 118:19-21         The LORD is a Justifying Saviour

Psalm 118:22-29        Praise for the LORDs triumph

Psalm 118:22-24         The Rejected Chief Corner Stone


                                    The Targum of Psalm 118:22-24

Psalm 118:25-29         Our response to the Lord our Saviour


Messianic Application in John 12:12-13




Leviticus 25 ‘BeHar’ Special years & the Goel




Two words for Freedom Chofesh & D’ror



1.     1-7 Sabbatical Year

2.     8-17 Intro to Jubilee Year

18-38 Redemption of property during the Jubilee Year

39-46 Kindness for the poor during the Jubilee Year

3.     47-55 Goel - Redeeming a poor relative during the Jubilee Year


C.   Sabbatical year (Shmittah) שמיטה


D.   Sevens in Scripture


E.   Jubilee Year (Yovel / Yobel) יובל


Closing thoughts on Leviticus 25



F.    Jeremiah the prophet (Jeremiah 32)


G.  Title deeds & the Goel (Revelation 5)



A.   Repetitive Phrase

1.     Verse 17

2.     Verse 38

3.     Verse 55


B.   Rabbinic Interpretation of the Shmittah Year of Release

C.   The Shmittah year in the modern State of Israel

D.   The Rabbinic Problem of the Sabbatical and Jubilee years


Shalom Friends
The Manna International site is a little slow in coming, so here is the pdf outline and the audio of a recent sermon preached at the Messianic Congregration.
blessings in Messiah


Manna International
Sydney Australia
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Dear All, 

This will be most likely my final pod cast, we are excited and will bring all things into the one website.
The final message is Who are the First Worshippers of Messiah and what can we learn from them
Hope it will be a blessing to you all 
Shalom and God Bless 
Paul Cohen 
ps or want to know more about the Messiah visit Messiah.Com.es

This is the Supplementary PDF that will be needed for next months study on the Five Warnings in the book. If you want to study up, it will help give a better understanding and outline the Book of Hebrews this PDF is the supplement to the audio file, the audio will help with gain more depth.

Blessings in Messiah Yeshua

I appeal to you all, bear with this word of exhortation, Greeting in Messiah to all the saints.


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Shalom All

This is the first part of the studies on the Book of Hebrews.

In this study we did an introduction to the Book of Hebrews, we deal with the some introductory issues like:

Who is Author? And who are the recipients?  When it written and what was was the purpose of this letter

What are the keywords and key verses? What is the main theme and perceived problems?

There is a Post script as the discussion afterwards focused on the Tabernacle and something that could have been clearer in hindsight.

Next time God willing we will focus on the Five Warnings.

A supplementary PDF will be uploaded soon, God Bless

Hebrews 13:20-21 Now the God of Shalom, who brought again from the dead the great shepherd of the sheep with the blood of an eternal covenant, even our Lord Yeshua, make you perfect in every good thing to do his will, working in us that which is well-pleasing in his sight, through Messiah Yeshua; to whom be the glory for ever and ever.




Shalom All,

During the last two months we had the opportunity to speak with Dr Fruchtenbaum (of Ariel Ministries http://www.ariel.org) at Wyee, (NSW, Australia) on the Eight Covenants of the Bible and the Tabernacle, these video messages are now available via http://www.christianmedia.net.au/ This was followed  by a conference in Adelaide, (SA, Australia)  where I spoke on the Third (Tribulation) Temple and the Fourth (Millennial) Temple. These too were recorded and will be available soon via http://mannainternational.info

Not having spoken on the Fourth Temple before, I have decided to include a similar message on that, the Fourth Temple up here. For the full set please contact Manna International. As there was much more to it. While I am aware there is a huge controversy over both these Temple, I can only as always only teach what the Bible makes clear.

God Bless, in Messiah Yeshua




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