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Shalom All,

During the last two months we had the opportunity to speak with Dr Fruchtenbaum (of Ariel Ministries http://www.ariel.org) at Wyee, (NSW, Australia) on the Eight Covenants of the Bible and the Tabernacle, these video messages are now available via http://www.christianmedia.net.au/ This was followed  by a conference in Adelaide, (SA, Australia)  where I spoke on the Third (Tribulation) Temple and the Fourth (Millennial) Temple. These too were recorded and will be available soon via http://mannainternational.info

Not having spoken on the Fourth Temple before, I have decided to include a similar message on that, the Fourth Temple up here. For the full set please contact Manna International. As there was much more to it. While I am aware there is a huge controversy over both these Temple, I can only as always only teach what the Bible makes clear.

God Bless, in Messiah Yeshua



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